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Natural Resources & Agriscience Pathway

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Agriscience & Natural Reources Pathway

Transfer Programs

The first two years of college education usually consists of general education courses, introductory courses in a major and/or program of study, and selected electives. Academic advisors assist in planning a student’s transfer program. They can also provide transfer guide sheets indicating courses that meet the requirements of various programs of study at four-year colleges. Sample curricula for a few popular transfer programs are included.

  • Biology
  • Mathematics


Biology, the study of living organisms, is an exciting, dynamic field that offers the opportunity to study and explore animals, plants and bacteria under a wide range of conditions in the laboratory and outdoors. Biologists work in such widely varying areas as medicine, crop improvement, wildlife management, forensics, toxic waste management, environmental preservation and education.

Suggested Course Sequence for Biology Majors

First Year, Fall Semester
First Year, Winter Semester
First Year, Spring Semester
  • MACRAO social science
  • humanities courses
Second Year, Fall Semester
Second Year, Winter Semester

*Not required by all transfer institutions.


Students interested in the field of mathematics may major in mathematics or statistics. Mathematics majors find careers in applied mathematics and education. Statistics majors work in such areas as computer science, management and accounting.

Suggested Course Sequence for Mathematics

First Year, Fall Semester
First Year, Winter Semester
Second Year, Fall Semester
Second Year, Winter Semester

*Not required but recommended to prepare for CPS 177

**MSU students should register for PSY 144

Military Science (ROTC)

Jackson College (JC) students may participate in Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) during their tenure at JC. Students may complete their first two years of the four-year program while students at JC. Students transferring to a four-year institution and completing the ROTC program requirements will receive an officer commission upon graduation.

Students must take all of the following courses unless granted advanced placement while at JCC:

Students wishing further information about the ROTC programs by contacting:

Department of Military Science
Eastern Michigan University
18 Roosevelt Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit our web site for current assessment options and requirements.

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