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General Transfer Certificate (GLTR.CERT)

This 30-credit certificate is designed for students undecided about their course of study. Upon completion of this certificate, students may request that “MACRAO Agreement Satisfied” be posted to their transcript. Many, although not all, Michigan universities and colleges allow the group of courses with the MACRAO designation to meet lower-level general education requirements.

While these courses are transferable, many universities prefer that their future students take specific courses and demonstrate competency in certain areas. Additionally, although the minimum GPA for transfer is listed as 2.0, some universities require a much higher GPA for admission into their university and almost all require a high GPA for a secondary admit program. Students should contact their transfer university and complete suggested courses and/or competencies.

Minimum credits30
Minimum cumulative GPA2.0
Minimum grade in all courses2.0
Minimum JC credits15
MACRAO AgreementYes


Take the following: (must have 6 credits minimum)

Natural Science/Math

Take the following: (must complete 8 credits minimum)

And choose one lab science from the following:

Social Science

Must complete 8 credits minimum from two or more disciplines


Must complete 8 credits minimum from two or more disciplines

*Please note: ENG 201 Advanced Composition (3 credits) is a by-invitation-only English course that may be substituted for ENG 132 in completing this degree.

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* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit our web site for current assessment options and requirements.

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