EMS 162 Paramedic Pharmacology: I (2.25 CR)

(FORMERLY EMS 215 WITH EMS 160, EMT 161, EMT 163 and EMS 166)

This course is designed to provide the paramedic students with a knowledge of basic pharmacological principles, biological factors influencing drug actions, predictable effects of drugs on physiologic problems, modifiers of predictable effects, commonalities and variations between the actions of drugs employed for comparable therapeutic effect, adverse effects of drugs that can and do commonly occur, and application for pharmacological therapy in the pre-hospital setting. Concentration will focus on cardiovascular drugs in this semester.

Course Objectives

Measurement of Objective

Course Outcome

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission Required

Corequisites: EMS 160, EMS 161, EMS 163, EMS 164 and EMS 166.