EMS 174 Paramedic Advanced Practice: III (4.25 CR)

(FORMERLY EMS 235 WITH EMS 164 and EMS 176)

This course provides the paramedic student the knowledge in the transport of patients with special considerations and advanced EMT operations as prescribed in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s paramedic curriculum. Student will take a comprehensive exam at the conclusion of this course for certification by Jackson College. This certification can be used as evidence of completion for the National Registry Exam (passage of which leads to licensing in most U.S. states).

Course Objectives

Measurement of Objective

Course Outcome

Prerequisites: EMS 160, EMS 161, EMS 162, EMS 163, EMS 164, and EMS 166.

Corequisites: EMS 170, EMS 171, EMS 172, EMS 173, and EMS 176.