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For GED transcripts go to the State of Michigan website and download the GED Transcript Request Form.

GED Information

The GED consists of 5 tests:

  • Language Arts - Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts - Literature
  • Mathematics

Although it has been our privilege to serve as a GED testing site for many years now, JC regrets that we must suspend our testing operations due to a restructuring of our resources. We understand the need for basic adult education and we are working with our community partners, such as Jackson Public Schools, (where Wilson School is currently a GED testing site), South Central Michigan Works and Jackson County Intermediate School District, to find other options for community. We will continue to house all historical GED materials until a decision has been made. Listed below are resources you may find helpful.

Tests may be taken in any order. Cost of each test varies by testing centers and pre-registration may be required. You must show a picture i.d. each time you test.

MI age requirements are that an individual needs to be at least 17 years of age and have been out of a regular school program for one calendar year, before they can be tested. If you are not yet 18 years old, you will need proof to show you have been out of school for one year, before you can begin testing.

For those who need GED preparation prior to testing, we offer these suggestions:

GED requires that each new test taker complete a demographic form prior to testing and all students will be allowed to use a Casio fx-260 Solar calculator on the math portion of the test. It is the only calculator allowed and one will be loaned to you. A math video describing the use of the calculator and the math answer sheet must also be viewed prior to testing.

Scores range from 200-800 points. This aligns with other national assessments and is an attempt to avoid misunderstandings on pass or fail scores that was the case with the two digit scores in past years. A passing score on each test is 410, with an average score of 450. Total points needed to receive your GED certificate are 2250. All tests are graded in Oklahoma.