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Five things to remember as
a new student using VA
educational benefits:

  1. 1. Fill out an online application using VONAPP
  2. 2. Fill out an online application for admission to JC
  3. 3. Complete course placement at JC
  4. 4. Attend new student orientation
  5. 5. Meet with your advisor and plan your schedule

Veteran Services

Applying for Benefits

  1. Fill out an online application for VA Education Benefits using VONAPP (Veteran On-line Application). For assistance in determining eligibility for educational benefits or completing VA applications and forms, you may contact the Jackson County Department of Veteran Affairs at 517.788.4425.
  2. Next, submit the JC Application for Admission. Also submit a copy of your state ID to the JC Records and Registration Office by mail or fax at:

    Jackson College
    Records & Registration
    2111 Emmons Rd
    Jackson, MI 49201

    Fax: 517.796.8446

  3. In addition to your VA Benefits, you may quality for financial aid.
    1. Apply for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at
    2. Complete the free FAFSA Application at
      • Click "Fill out your FAFSA"
      • FAFSA will ask for information about your most recent tax return (i.e. 2010 tax return for 2011–2012 school year)
      • If you have any questions feel free to contact our Financial Aid Office at 517.796.8410
  4. Course Placement – All students entering JC for the first time who have not successfully completed English and math at the college level may need to take course placement.  JC's course placement assesses your skill level in writing, reading and math to ensure college success. For more details please see Course Placement FAQ.
  5. Sign up for New Student Orientation. Once you have completed all the required steps to Admissions, you will receive an acceptance letter. This letter will provide details on how to reserve your New Student Orientation time.
  6. Approximately 8–12 weeks after you apply for benefits the VA will send a Certificate of Eligibility to you; submit this to the JC VA Certifying Official
  7. Schedule an appointment with your VA Certifying Official to discuss using your benefits at  JC
  8. Complete a Veteran's Responsibility Form. This must be completed and returned to the VA Certifying Official before your enrollment can be certified with the VA.
  9. Register for courses. Please refer to the academic calendar for registration dates. New students will only be able to register after you attend orientation.
  10. Complete a Benefit Certification Form online after you register for courses. This must be completed every semester after you register in order for your enrollment to be certified with the VA. Once enrollment has been certified, you will then receive your benefit.
  11. Report any adds/drops/schedule changes through the Benefit Certification Form online.

For questions about the status of your application or payments call the VA at 800.442.4551 or use the "Ask a question" link.

Transferring to JC

If you have been receiving GI Bill Benefits and you are changing schools, complete the Change of Place of Training form
(22-1995 for Chapters 30, 31, 33, 1606, 1607) or (22-5495 for dependents or spouses of Chapter 35).

Please send an official copy of your transcripts to:

Jackson College
Records & Registration
2111 Emmons Rd
Jackson, MI 49201

Carefully review and complete steps 2 – 10 in the above Applying for GI Bill Benefits section. Students may need to take course placement based upon courses completed at previous institutions.

Guest Students.

If you are attending JC as a guest student and are requesting VA certification, your home school must submit and send to the VA Certifying Official a parent institution letter stating that the courses you are taking at  JC will satisfy the degree requirements at your home school. If you are a  JC student attending another college, please see the VA Certifying Official for a parent letter.

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