College presents 12-week classes starting Sept. 27

September 8, 2021

You can still register for fall classes at Jackson College!

Jackson College will offer a group of 12-week online classes that begin Sept. 27. These courses meet the requirements of many associate degree programs and are great transfer opportunities, too. Choose from:

12-Week Classes
Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
COM 231 Communication Fundamentals 3 ENG 085, ENG 091

Students will learn the basic principles of speech communication including speech development and delivery, interpersonal message, non-verbal messages, and small group dynamics. The course is designed to prepare students to be effective communicators in a diverse global society. Student speeches will be evaluated for effectiveness.

ENG 131 Writing Experience I 3 ENG 085 and ENG 091

This is an intensive writing course. Narrative and descriptive modes are stressed. Basic research strategies are introduced. An end-of-the-semester portfolio is required.

HUM 131 Cultural Connections 3 ENG 085 and ENG 091

This interdisciplinary course examines contemporary issues, their human and technological components, and their historical precedents through art, music, literature and philosophy.

PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 4 ENG 085* and ENG 090*

Overview of the field of psychology, including learning, development, emotion, motivation, personality, abnormal behavior and psychotherapy.

SEM 140 Seminar in Life Pathways 3

Seminar in Life Pathways is a gateway course to Jackson College. This course is designed to help all students develop the skills, inner qualities and external behaviors needed to take charge of their academic and career success. Students will be guided through an extensive process in making career choices and selecting an academic program of study at Jackson College and beyond. With the exception of second-admit programs, SEM 140 is required of all students.

To learn more about these and all of Jackson College’s offerings, visit the website at, or call 517.796.8425. Admissions representatives are available online or by phone to help you get started. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Students have ample opportunity to interact with their professors or reach out to support services on campus throughout their online or in-person learning experience.