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Bobby Beauchamp


Bobby Beauchamp grew up in Jackson, went to Jackson College – twice, worked in corrections, one of Jackson’s prominent fields, and today serves as director of the Prison Education Initiative at his alma mater.

“Being from Jackson, Jackson College always had quite a presence in the community. Chosen as a CARE Scholarship recipient as a sixth-grader, that planted a seed that would later grow into my Jackson College career.”

Beauchamp attended Jackson College first right after high school in 1997 and later returned as an adult learner in 2009. Access to the College close to home helps.

“I came to a point in my life where I realized that in order to go forward, I needed to go back. So I went back to school to advance professionally,” he said. “I believe Jackson College gave me the foundation for professional success. It taught me not just the academic skills, but also the soft skills that set me up for success.”

Serving as director of the Prison Education Initiative gives him a new opportunity to make a difference. Jackson College currently offers college classes in six corrections facilities around the state. Beauchamp enjoys making a positive impact on the incarcerated student population.

“These students are increasing their marketability and employability by obtaining an associate degree, so that upon release they can get out, stay out, and contribute back to our community and our society.”