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Cindy Allen


Jackson College is truly part of Cindy Allen’s life!

Allen has worked for Jackson Community College/Jackson College since 1980. She’s been directly involved in the performing arts since the opening of Harold Sheffer Music Hall.

“I got married less than a year after I started working here. To get my associate’s, it took me about seven years, because I also started a family then, and taking two classes at a time does take a while, but you just have to be persistent.”

One day, President Dan Phelan approached her and shared that he thought she could do more and that she was bored in her current position. But she would need more education. Allen completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Siena Heights University.

“Jackson College did a phenomenal job of setting me up really well to learn more and to be engaged in all of my classes,” Allen said.

She currently holds the position of vice president of administration and talent development. In addition to the performing arts, Allen also oversees several offices, including human resources, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Marketing and Communications, external partnerships with the community and four-year universities and much more. She assists the president in legislative matters.

“Working with different departments, working with artists, there is always something going on. Everyone has to pull together, support each other and double-check the many details to make sure our activities look seamless to the public,” she said. “It’s great to work here because we have very committed and passionate people with the right priorities, helping each student to succeed.”

Allen volunteers her fundraising and event planning skills with many organizations. The Host Lions Club, Red Cross, United Way and Boy Scouts are a few of the organizations she’s served. She has also served on two internal AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Project) system portfolio committees, several college fundraisers, and mentored several individuals for the College’s Leadership Program.

Allen lives in the Western School District with her husband, Bill. They have three children and one grandchild.

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