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Gina Gudowski


A part-time student job on campus led Gina Gudowski to find her career.

Gudowski graduated from Jackson High in 2003 and enrolled at Jackson College that fall. After attending for a couple years, she took a break and worked in retail. When she returned in 2009, she took a job as a student worker in Student Services, thinking it would be a good fit during her college years but she would find something else after graduation. However, as she got to know about the many areas of Student Services – admissions, registration, advising, financial aid – she found she enjoyed helping students get to know about college and figure out the various processes involved in becoming a student.

“I learned very quickly that I really enjoyed what I did. I enjoyed working with people, educating them on how the higher education to how the process works,” Gudowski said. “It was very exciting to me. When I did graduate and started applying for positions, I was hired at Siena Heights University.”

Gudowski earned her Associate of General Studies degree from Jackson College, then continued her bachelor’s degree at Siena Heights, completed a Bachelor of Arts in Community and Human Services, then completed her Master of Arts in Leadership with a higher education concentration. Today she is the assistant director for the Siena Heights Jackson campus, helping any students interested in transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree on Jackson’s campus.

Starting at Jackson College was a good fit. “I explored some other schools, but ultimately, choosing something closer to home, smaller, more familiar, and also cheaper, was a better fit for me,” she said. She enjoyed professors like Shirin Timms in political science and history, who taught with many scenarios and how you would respond in each scenario. Enjoying her time on campus as a student, she now enjoys seeing the changes for the better as an employee.

“There’s a lot of positive change happening. I’m proud to be an alum and proud to work on campus, as well as continue to give back to students,” she said.