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Glenn Remington

Energy Engineer, CEM, Consumers Energy


Jackson College has been vital to Glenn Remington’s success throughout his career, at each step along the way.

When Remington graduated from Grass Lake High in 1979, the manufacturing and work world was changing. Not sure of an exact career path, he felt his best choice was to go to work and take college classes part-time at night. “I had a lot of interests, but I wasn’t prepared to make a career commitment, so I spent some time working and exploring. I felt that having a career was important, but tying it to higher education was preferable. I ended up ultimately tailoring the schooling to the career choices that I started to make.”

Hands-on learning from instructors who worked in the field awaited him at the former Knight Energy Institute at the College. He studied HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technology, or climate control technology, a foundation that he continues to build on in his career. The College offered quality educational offerings even in the evenings, which made working and going to College easier. Remington completed his associate degree in 1993, then went to Ferris State University to earn his Bachelor of Science in HVAC engineering. Again, he was a non-traditional student taking classes in the evening while working in engineering firms.

Growth and change in the HVAC engineering field spurred Remington to return to Jackson College to earn a certificate in computer networking. With modern commercial building controls living on network servers, the extra experience in information technology boosted his career.

Economic downturns have impacted him throughout the years — he worked for a plant that closed and went to Mexico, a consultancy firm that laid everyone off and so on. The opportunity for continuing education has helped him maintain his career, through its various ups and downs. He recently completed a professional certificate program in Architecture and Systems Engineering through MIT.

Today, Remington works for Consumers Energy and is part of an on-site energy engineer team that works with customers to optimize operations and save money. They may use advanced metering, advanced analytics, demand response programs, peak load management, set up a microgrid, create a user experience dashboard and more. All efforts are designed to help optimize energy use and prevent energy waste.

“In the modern era, technology is moving so fast and jobs are changing so fast, we’re in a world of automation. Staying ahead and keeping up, I think continuing education is a matter of career survival. This school is an important piece in that puzzle.”

Glenn Remington