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Jessie Parsons

Jessie Parsons enrolled at Jackson College to find a career she loved. An opportunity to work as a student consultant in information technology and a caring mentor made all the difference.

Working on campus gave Parsons a chance to get to know the instructors and make many friends along the way. Supervisor Aurelie Seward served as a mentor. “She was very supportive; she showed me what it was to be responsible, to be on time, and it was fun, in a family-like community,” Parsons said. “It really helped me to develop as a person.”

While at first was interested in going into art, Parsons soon found she enjoyed making art with a computer and got involved in graphic and web design. After just two years, Parsons was offered a full-time job on campus in distance learning, the start of a rewarding career. Today, 15 years later, she works as a computer support and customer service specialist at the College. “Jackson College helped prepare me for that opportunity, to have a career I love at the age of 20.”