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Jonathan Curtis


Jackson College taught Jonathan Curtis many things. Perhaps most importantly, it helped change his mind – for the better!

Attending Jackson College was close by and convenient for Curtis, a Napoleon High School graduate. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but he knew he didn’t want to spend a lot of money at a university. His classes prepared him to transfer, and his professors helped him take his learning to the next level. Dr. Mark Ott taught him to understand topics in relation to one another, rather than must memorizing facts to repeat later. “I think that was my first taste of how college is different in comparison to high school, the importance of actually understanding a topic and being able to apply it in different facets.” Professor Diana Agy, who taught advanced composition and led the Writing Fellows, had students not just write an essay, but write about something that matters that one could related to something else. “It was very complex in how thing went together. It made a lot of sense.”

Curtis made long-lasting friends on the basketball court as well, playing for the Jets men’s team. “Playing basketball here was pretty fantastic, I got to meet people who I still talk to today, in a professional setting. That’s neat to be able to carry that along.”

He transferred to Eastern Michigan University after graduating from JC, a successful transition that he was very prepared for. After came Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa to become a chiropractor, a career path spurred by personal experience. Seeing his mother suffer migraines from the effects of a closed head injury, traditional medicine gave her no relief. A friend suggested she see a chiropractor, and in a few weeks, she found relief.

“I always thought that if I could help one person the way that chiropractor had helped my mom, that it would be a pretty fulfilling profession,” he said.

Today he operates his own practice in Chelsea, where he manages everything from patient care to day-to-day operations. Again, his background from Jackson College in not just the sciences but in business help him as a chiropractor and entrepreneur.

Jonathan Curtis