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Keegan Moore


Keegan Moore wasn’t sure about college or a career when she started at Jackson College. Working on campus helped her realize her potential, leading to a rewarding career.

Moore graduated from Jackson High School and enrolled at Jackson College. College wasn’t high on her priority list, and she wasn’t sure at first what career path was best. Moore considered a healthcare career, but quickly found that wasn’t the right fit for her. Taking a job on campus as a student consultant in Information Technology and attending classes, she grew into a career she loves.

“Jackson College helped sculpt me into what I wanted to become,” Moore said. “I found out what I wanted to do as a professional career basically by going to classes and learning new things. I felt they were passionate about what they were doing here. They wanted to help me get to where I wanted to go. They helped me realize all the potential things I was capable of doing, and it made me want to help people in other ways.”

While she started out as a student employee, today she works full-time at the College as the Solution Center Coordinator in Information Technology, where she manages all student employees.

“I realized that by working in the Solution Center and by helping people that was something I really enjoyed.”

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