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Leland Bassett


Jackson Community College gave Leland Bassett the educational opportunity he may not have had otherwise.

After graduating from Jackson High, Bassett attended Jackson Community College from 1963-’64, then continued at Michigan State University.

“My sister had had a life-threatening brain injury back at a time when there was no health insurance. Our family pulled together, we all did what we had to do, and for me it was to work my way through school,”  Bassett recalls. “Going to Jackson College allowed me to be able to work night and day, all the time, and go to college. I had four jobs that summer out of Jackson High. I went to College and they all worked with me, nurtured me and encouraged me.”

Bassett has been a pioneer in the application of communication psychology and strategic planning to public relations, corporate communication and integrated strategic communication management. In the 1970s, Bassett introduced the nation’s first corporate Strategic Communication Management Department. In the 1980s, he designed and taught the nation’s first graduate strategic communication management curriculum at the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences. He co-founded the nation’s first commercial communication arts and sciences-based professional services firm in 1986, the Detroit-based Bassett Business Group, Communications Managers and Counselors, where he serves as chairman and chief executive officer.

Believing in generational responsibility, he is active in programs that nurture future generations. Leland and Tina Bassett established the Vera Bassett Nursing Scholarship in honor of his mother, who was instrumental in the establishment of the college nursing program. The Bassetts enjoy the opportunity to give back and keep Vera’s memory alive through future generations. He was a founding member of the MSU CCAS Alumni Association, a past president, and recipient of its Outstanding Alumni Award.