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Linda Schaub

Executive Director of Development, Spring Arbor University


Linda Schaub worked for almost 20 years managing a family business but knew she needed an education. Jackson College helped bring her experience and education together. Continuing her studies at Spring Arbor University helped her advance in her career.

Schaub, a graduate of Ithaca High School, hails from the center of the state. She and her husband moved to Jackson County in 1993. Once settled in, Linda started looking around for higher education options. She needed something to bring together the various courses she had taken over the years and point her toward the future.

“Jackson College was really my launching pad, and it was the glue that began to hold everything together,” Schaub recalls. “Coming to Jackson College allowed me to see a pattern and reach a goal, so that was really the launch pad for me to move on.”

Bringing it Together

Jackson College allowed her the flexibility to attend classes while working her full-time day job in the Alumni Office at Spring Arbor University. “If I was going to get out of the box of always being support staff, I had to get a degree. That meant usually a bachelor’s degree, especially working at an institution of higher education. Jackson College allowed me to do that. It really gave me what I needed to pull everything together.”

Helping out with service projects as part of the honor society gave her a heart toward community service. “That really launched my desire to be involved in the Jackson community more than just at a work level, to be involved and then serve other people.”

Moving Ahead

She continued her studies with Spring Arbor University’s adult studies program, completing her bachelor’s degree in management and organizational development. With her college degrees, she worked her way from a secretary to the executive director of development at SAU.

“Think about, where do I want to be in five years, where do I want to be in 10 years? If I keep doing what I’m doing, am I getting there? Jackson College moved me out of the spot I had been in and gave me a whole new life.”

Linda Schaub