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Monica Bouman


Monica Bouman found mentorship and community when she first enrolled at Jackson Community College. Now an employee of the College, she has the opportunity to mentor today’s students.

Bouman is the director of the Center for Student Success, a place for students to go for tutoring and more.  “I love my job, I love the mentoring aspect of it,” Bouman said. “It’s a cool gig. I’m glad to be able to take what I’ve learned and given back to those who I am working with.”

Bouman’s first impression of the College was as a student. Her very first writing class with instructor Amy Zicafoose drew her in as a student and convinced her she did not want to go away to school. She transferred to Siena Heights University to complete her bachelor’s degree in business administration, and went on to earn a master’s degree in organizational management from Spring Arbor University.

Bouman started working for the College in 2001 as a temporary worker at the former Downtown Center. She was hired by the college full-time in 2002 to work in human resources. She has also worked in the president’s office, legal affairs and student services. She says she has “grown up” with JCC, and is thankful for her time here. Her degree helped her develop career skills like communication and organization.

“Working for Jackson has created stones in the path of life as you would say, so many integral stones in the path of life, she said. “Not only starting out as a young woman, learning who she was and how I learned, but then from there able to contribute back to the College and to the people and the students that the College serves, I feel very fortunate.

“I try to remind myself every day that it’s a blessing that I’m here and for all that I have, and I try to share that with at least one person every day.”

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