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Sara Perkin

Chief of Staff, President’s Office, Jackson College

Today, Sara Perkin works as the Chief of Staff in Jackson College’s President’s Office. She made her start as a student at Jackson College, getting a good start toward her degree and, as a student worker, learning how much she enjoyed higher education as a career.

Perkin graduated from Adrian High School and first attended Jackson Community College in 1998. “I chose Jackson College because it was accessible, affordable and close to home,” Perkin said. “So, it fit my lifestyle. I wanted to work and go to school, to save money.”

While a student, she had several opportunities to work for the College. From these beginnings, her future career path started to become clear. She majored in business and continued her studies at Siena Heights University and the University of Findlay.

“I have some fond memories of getting to know employees back then as a college student, and getting some hands-on work experience that was very valuable,” Perkin said. She went on to work in higher education, both at Lourdes University in Ohio and at Siena Heights in Adrian. She has worked at Jackson College for five years, serving as chief of staff to President Dan Phelan.

“Working in higher ed is so rewarding. Our mission is to give back. We are helping people find their path to a better life and a sustainable future.”

As chief of staff, Perkin works with Dr. Phelan and serves as secretary to the Board of Trustees. Working with trustees active on campus and in the community has been satisfying.

“My experience as a student at Jackson College impacts what I do now. As an employee part-time while in college, that experience of serving students provided me with insight into student needs at that time, and helped me get an inside look at what higher education is all about.”

Sara Perkin