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Tim Booth


Tim Booth serves as director of guest services at Michigan International Speedway, helping those visiting the race track’s many events have a great experience. He received the 2009 Home Depot NMPA Humanitarian Award for his work coordinating the Spirit of America Blood Drive, created in 2002 as a way to honor the victims and heroes of Sept. 11, 2001.

While race drivers all have pit crews behind the scenes to keep them running at Michigan International Speedway, behind the scenes, Tim Booth leads a massive crew of workers in preparing for race weekends.

As director of guest services at MIS, Booth works with staff for months to prepare for race weekends, which may draw up to 200,000 guests Brooklyn, Mich. raceway. Fielding questions from guests before the event to managing feedback from guests after, Booth works hard to see that each person enjoys their visit. He oversees fan amenities for the race weekends, such as guest trams, campgrounds, guest communications and vehicle and RV service. He manages staff orientation and training for all of the service roles before the event. Thousands of personnel work each race weekend.

Booth attended Jackson Community College from 1979-’81, then transferred to Eastern Michigan University to earn a bachelor’s degree in public administration. He was unsure of what direction he wanted to go in after high school, so JCC was an attractive and affordable next step. “I am so fortunate that I started my education at JCC, I think it gave me a great foundation for higher education that I was going on to. I consider it an important part of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I recall fondly my time there and can’t speak highly enough about it.”

He spent about 15 years in retail management, which he greatly enjoyed because it was different every day and stimulating to the mind. But, as a racing and sports fan, the lure of having MIS so nearby beckoned to him. He has worked at the race track since 1999.

Following the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Booth coordinated a blood drive each at the track on each anniversary starting in 2002, the Spirit of America Blood Drive. He received the 2009 Home Depot NMPA Humanitarian Award for his work coordinating the Spirit of America Blood Drive. Last year, the drive drew 625 donors. “That is an extraordinarily rewarding part of my responsibilities, to keep the honor and memory of the victims and heroes alive and to give the community an opportunity to share their respect. It’s a remarkable day.”

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