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Travis Forbes


Respiratory Therapist, University of Michigan Hospital

When the time came for a career change, Travis Forbes found the program and support he needed at Jackson College. With dedication and commitment, he reached his goal to enter the healthcare field as a respiratory therapist.

“I had been self-employed. Then in 2008 when the economy took a downtown, I knew I would have to go back to college,” Forbes said. “Times were changing and I knew that I would have to get some higher education to change with those times.”

Enrolling at Jackson College offered the best possibility to go to college while still work and care for his family. Forbes also saw the importance of setting an example for his young son by going back to school.

“I wanted to get into the medical field in some way, shape or form, and respiratory therapy piqued my interest. Searching around at some of the other colleges, Jackson offered me the best opportunity,” he said. “The memories that stand out the most was the dedication it took. I enjoyed my college time, being with my classmates and my professors, but it was definitely an eye-opening experience how much time and dedication that I need to put into the respiratory therapy program. And I’m glad I did.”

Today Forbes is a respiratory therapist at the University of Michigan Hospital, where he works with patients and also instructs students and new employees. He enjoys seeing the progress of people getting better, especially when work in the trauma – burn intensive care unit.

For finding a satisfying career, Forbes is thankful to Jackson College. “The degree I got from Jackson College was instrumental in me getting hired and set me on the path that I’m on now. I don’t believe I could have done it without them.”

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