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Tressa Hodshire


Welcomed by instructors who demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the nursing profession, Tressa Hodshire’s experience as a nursing student at Jackson College fulfilled her long-held dream.

Today, Hodshire is the chief nursing officer at Hillsdale Hospital. A graduate of Litchfield High, she attended Jackson College from 1996-99 to become a registered nurse. “My parents always stressed the importance of higher education. Nursing was a passion for me, I had two aunts who were nurses,” she said. At the LeTarte Center in Hillsdale, Hodshire completed her general education courses close to home. When it came time for nursing school, she completed her degree on the Central Campus in Jackson. She went on to Spring Arbor University to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

She recalls the passion the nursing instructors instilled in students for the career. “When I came to Jackson College to the nursing program, like most kids just getting out of high school, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was welcomed by wonderful instructors who guided me toward my professional role,” Hodshire said. “The nursing program at Jackson College has a huge influence on my life.”

Nursing careers offer flexibility. Hodshire has worked as a staff nurse, a manager, a patient advocate, and now in an administrative post as the chief nursing officer.

“I love the profession of nursing, taking care of patients,” she said. “The blessing of working at a small community hospital is that even in an administrative role, I’m still able to be at the bedside with patients and other nurses. Working with patients is the driving force, especially in my community of Hillsdale.”