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Valerie Schuette

Valerie L. Schuette serves as the chief operating officer at CP Federal Credit Union and an adjunct professor at Jackson College.

Schuette chose Jackson College as student because it was close to home and she had the opportunity for student employment on campus. That student employment, her classes and mentoring from faculty and staff helped spark her own interest in the business field.

“The education and degree that I received from Jackson College really established the foundation for the rest of my educational career and my professional career,” Schuette said. “It gave me confidence and credibility. It gave me the ability to look at problems and find solutions and know I have been taught the skills to do that.”

She earned her Associate in Arts from Jackson Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Siena Heights University, and her Master of Science in Administration, with a concentration in Human Resources Administration, from Central Michigan University. Valerie holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation and earned her Certified Human Resources Specialist credential from Michigan State University.

Prior to working for CPFCU, Valerie worked at Jackson Community College for nearly 15 years, last holding the position of executive director of human resources & workforce development. Schuette serves as chair of the Jackson College Foundation Board of Directors. She has also been active in the South Central Human Resource Management Association and Michigan Community College Human Resources Association. She has served on the Child Care Network and Girl Scouts Board of Directors, as well as the United Way Family Vision Council.