Jackson College Speaker Directory

Exciting speakers… Experts in their field…

Jackson College is pleased to provide its Speakers Directory, comprised of highly qualified faculty and staff members who want to share with the community.

To inquire about a speaker for a meeting or special event, give us a call at 517.796.8473.


  • African American Literature – Geri Jacobs
  • “Best and Worst Backstage Stories” – Cindy Allen
  • Entertainment Season at the Potter Center – Cindy Allen
  • Shakespeare – Geri Jacobs


  • “Improving Organizational Effectiveness Through Personality Science” – Anthony Cleveland


  • Resume and Interview Tips – Anthony Rana


  • Current Economic Conditions – Mark Schopmeyer
  • Economic Controversies – Mark Schopmeyer


  • Distance Learning – Mark Schopmeyer
  • Evolutionary Biology – Victor Marshall
  • Online Classes – Mark Schopmeyer
  • Technology Readiness of Students (of any age) and Community College Students – Angel Fonseca
  • The Nature of Science – Victor Marshall


  • Human Population & the Environment – Victor Marshall
  • Resources & Environmental Issues – Victor Marshall


  • Human Anatomy & Physiology – Victor Marshall
  • Influenza: A Complete Overview – Patricia Visser
  • Mental Health Issues – Marina Martinez-Kratz
  • Nutrition – Marina Martinez-Kratz
  • “Optimizing Mental Health Via Medications and Psychotherapy” – Anthony Cleveland
  • “The Human Brain – Basic Structure and Function” – Anthony Cleveland
  • Stem Cell Research – Patricia Visser


  • Current Initiatives at the College – Daniel J. Phelan, JC President, Sam Barnes, JC Board of Trustees Chair or Dr. Edward A. Mathein, JC Board Trustee


  • Changes in Technology, eCommerce and Social Media – Angel Fonseca
  • Children’s Literature – Geri Jacobs
  • Christians in a Changing World – Geri Jacobs
  • Human Population & The Environment – Victor Marshall
  • The Nature of Science – Victor Marshall
  • “The Role of the JC Foundation and Philanthropic Opportunities” – Jason Valente
  • “Sigmund Freud Meets Saint Paul – The Integration of Psychological Science and The Christian Religion” – Anthony Cleveland
  • “Why Do We Forget?… The Nature of Memory” – Anthony Cleveland