To Change Something About a Course*

  1. Write up the reason for the change.
  2. Check for all programs using the course that could be impacted by the change and discuss it with them.
  3. Complete the Taxonomy Change Form, marking just the requested change. Include the rationale statement and any impacts. Be sure to indicate when the change(s) should go into effect.
  4. Submit the completed form to your Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email forms to Pat Visser (and mail her the signed form if not e-signed). Only forms with both signatures will be considered by the committee.
  5. Once approved, record the changes in the Close-the-Loop form in JetNet.


* Allowed changes include pre-/co-requisites added or adjusted; BCH; fees; seating capacity; minor course description changes; inactivating, freezing or reactivating a course.

If you need to change the course name or credit hours, or if you need to significantly change the course description or content, this requires creation of a New Course and inactivation of the existing course.