Complete a Course Review

  1. Obtain prior Taxonomy Summary and Official Course Outline forms as well as any Taxonomy Change forms files since the last review.
  2. Update the Taxonomy Summary with any previously-approved changes and the Official Course Outline with any new information being requested (GEOs, Learning Outcomes, etc.).
  3. Verify how the course is accepted for transfer at major transfer institutions via the MI Transfer Network.
  4. Gather close-the-loop & GEO (if appropriate) assessment information and syllabi for each delivery modality.
  5. Complete all questions and narrative response items in the Course Review form [Detailed instructions are provided.]
  6. If it is discovered that anything should be changed with the course, complete the Taxonomy Change process and file that form separately from the course review packet.
  7. Submit the official forms to your Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email the entire packet to Pat Visser (and mail her the signed form if not e-signed).