Have a Course Count for Gen Ed

  1. Check to make sure the course meets the MI Transfer Guidelines for Gen Ed. (Other than GEO 7, all courses must meet those guidelines in order to count for Gen Ed at JC.)
  2. Research how the course transfers at our major transfer institutions (the list is included in the request form).
  3. Identify the specific GEO the course will fulfill.
  4. Discuss your proposal with appropriate programs to see which will incorporate it into their course list.
  5. Complete the GEO rubric form, including information on how each item will be assessed and the success criteria.
  6. Complete the General Education Approval form.
  7. Submit the completed forms to the Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email forms to Pat Visser (and mail her the signed form if not e-signed). Only forms with both signatures will be considered by the committee.