Change Something in an Existing Program

  1. Write up the rationale for the change.
  2. Check for all related programs that could be impacted by the change and also make similar changes to them if appropriate. [Whenever possible, requirements should be consistent between related programs for ease of laddering degrees.
  3. Discuss the proposed changes with your Dean to check for unintended consequences or requirements you didn’t know about.
  4. Complete the Program Change form, making sure to include the rationale for the change and the effective date (or semester).
  5. Create an updated catalog entry (copy-and-paste from the current catalog, then edit to include the changes). *Use the opportunity to make sure the workforce documentation at the top of the entry is up-to-date.
  6. Create new Pathway Maps, integrating the changes.
  7. Submit all forms to your Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email the entire packet to Pat Visser (and mail her the signed forms if not e-signed).

After approval, submit information about the changes – including the effective date — to  a) Marketing so the relevant JC website pages can be updated and b) the Navigators so that students can be advised correctly.