Create a New Course

  1. Write up the rationale for creating the course, the intended students, enrollment projections and institutional resource impact.
  2. Discuss the proposal with your Chair and Dean (to identify potential duplications or issues you hadn’t thought of/known about.
  3. Request a course number from the Registrar.
  4. Gather information on programs (within your discipline, plus others) that could include the class in their required or recommended list.
  5. If not intended solely for an occupational program, research how the planned course design compares to similar courses at our major transfer schools and begin establishing transfer equivalency with those schools.
  6. If there isn’t solid evidence to create the course but you want to “try it out” for one year, complete the Experimental Course Form (then complete steps 8 and 11).
  7. Complete the New Course Taxonomy Form and the Official Course Outline. Be sure to complete the “Effective Date” section with the semester the course will first be offered.
  8. Construct a syllabus and class schedule.
  9. If this is replacing an existing course, fill out the Taxonomy Change Form to inactivate the course it will replace.
  10. If the course should be able to fulfill a Ged Ed requirement, complete the steps in the Gen Ed approval section as well.
  11. Submit the completed forms to your Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email forms to Pat Visser (and send the signed form to her if not e-signed). Only forms with both signatures will be considered by the committee.
  12. Send any course-specific evaluation questions to the Instructional Innovation Coordinator so they can be included in the online evaluation survey.