Create a New Program

  1. Discuss the proposal with your Dean and the appropriate Department Chair for input on overlaps with existing programs, other plans, requirements, etc.
  2. Write the rationale, audience, workforce benefit and projected enrollment for the program. Research similar programs at other institutions for appropriate requirements, their enrollment, costs, etc. Identify any new resources that will need to be obtained in order for the program to be viable.
  3. Get preliminary commitments for Advisory Committee members if this is a workforce program.
  4. Complete the Title IV workforce eligibility documentation (from the Registrar’s office), if appropriate. (needed for most certificates)
  5. Complete the New Program Approval form.
  6. Create a document for the program’s entry in the Catalog. (Copy-and-paste the entry for a similar program and edit it for your details.)
  7. Create appropriate Pathway Maps.
  8. Submit all forms to your Chair and Dean for signatures (electronic preferred). Email the entire packet to Pat Visser (and mail her the signed forms if not e-signed).

After approval, submit information about the changes – including the effective date — to   a) Marketing so the relevant JC website pages can be updated and b) the Navigators so that students can be advised correctly.