Faculty Professional Development Sessions

Jackson College is dedicated to the professional growth and development of its faculty. You will find information here on professional development opportunities and other useful resources for your professional growth.

Scheduled Faculty Professional Development

  • High Engagement Strategies – Jan. 28, 2019

    Date: Monday Jan. 28, 2019
    Time: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    Location: Spring  Arbor University

    RSVP to Willie Lewis at asc@arbor.edu

  • Academic Language and Literacy (TPI) – Feb. 22, 2019

    Date: Friday, Feb. 22, 2019
    Time: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
    Location: Spring  Arbor University

    RSVP to Willie Lewis at asc@arbor.edu

  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) – May 3, 11, 17 & 18

    Dates: May 3, 11, 17 & 18, 2019

    The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is a four-day intensive instructor professional development program designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. It fosters personal growth and reflection about the teaching/learning process, offers highly focused practice and personal teaching applications, and nurtures a proven, safe, and structured environment for participants to examine their teaching skills and receive feedback.

    Participants engage in the following professional development activities during ISW:

    • Present three sample teaching lessons in areas of preference
    • Provide peer feedback, both written and oral, on 12-18 lessons presented by peers
    • Complete related assessments
    • Work in groups and experience cooperative learning dynamics

    Participant learning outcomes include the following:

    • Demonstrate a practical understanding for participatory learning skills, specifically related to multiple intelligence theory
    • Learn and practice how to motivate students to assume a greater sense of responsibility in the learning process
    • Expand and enhance personal knowledge of the teaching and learning process

    For more information about ISW, visit www.iswnetwork.ca.

    Facilitators: TBD

    Registration: Please contact Heather Wollett at HWollett@jccmi.edu to register.


Ongoing Faculty Professional Development

  • Active Reading: Teaching Your Students To Be Strategic Readers (aka, “FIRM”)

    Date: Ongoing   Location: Online

    Research suggests that reading levels are one of the key factors for success in higher education, but it is widely known that many students enter college underprepared for the rigors of college-level texts. Even students who are able to read and say the words aloud often have difficulty comprehending, remembering and using the information.

    Faculty from all disciplines will find this workshop beneficial. You will be introduced to ways you can encourage your students to be strategic readers across a variety of texts.

    This module involves the following activities:

    1. Read a chapter from Help! My College Students Can’t Read, authored by Jackson College reading professor, Amelia (Amy) Leighton Gamel, and published in 2015 by Rowman & Littlefield (all rights reserved).
    2. Watch a video of Amy demonstrating active reading.
    3. Practice active reading strategies yourself.
    4. Engage in online discussions with others who are also learning and practicing active reading strategies.
    5. Develop an action plan that identifies ways you plan to introduce active reading in your classes.

    IMPORTANT: Please email JCAdjunctSupport@jccmi.edu to request to be enrolled in this JetNet-based workshop.

  • Dr. Rita Pierson: Every Student Needs a Champion

    Date: Ongoing  Location: Online

    This workshop is accessible at the JetNet Faculty Forum.

    It involves watching a TED Talk featuring Dr. Rita F. Pierson, a lifelong educator known for advocating a relationship-based approach to teaching and learning, and reading an article she wrote. Then engage with colleagues about your impressions and takeaways.

  • Icebreaker Ideas for Starting Class

    Date: Ongoing  Location: Online

    This workshop is accessible at the JetNet Faculty Forum. Direct link: https://jetnet.jccmi.edu/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=527438.

    Visit the Faculty Forum to access a link to a webinar titled: “What Do Old Polar Bears and Great Teachers Have in Common? They Know How to Break the Ice!”

    Then respond to guiding discussion questions and connect with colleagues about ways to “break the ice” with students the first day of class.

  • JetNet Advanced: Creating Engaging Content and Activities in JetNet

    Date: Ongoing   Location: Online

    This online training module focuses on how to use tools in Moodle (our JetNet platform) to engage students throughout a course. Instructors who teach online and face-to-face courses will find this workshop useful. This online module assumes a basic understanding and familiarity with Moodle. Participants will watch a video of a webinar titled Creating Engaging Content and Activities, use a planning worksheet handout to conduct a course audit and develop an action plan based on what they learned, and engage with colleagues via the Faculty Forum by sharing main takeaways, action plan details, and other insights or questions they may have about JetNet. Accessible online through JetNet Faculty Forum.

  • JetNet Basic: Moodle 101

    Date: Ongoing   Location: Online

    The goal of this course is to provide faculty with an understanding of the basic functionality of JetNet, JC’s Moodle-based Learning Management System. Upon successful completion, instructors will be able to start developing their own JetNet/Moodle course sites and be ready to incorporate elements of JetNet into traditional face-to-face courses.
    JC faculty can enroll themselves into this course by visiting: http://jetnet.jccmi.edu/enrol/index.php?id=33858.

    Adjunct Faculty: To receive certification credit and 1 hour of professional development pay, please email JCAdjunctSupport@jccmi.edu when you finish the course and share three main takeaways you got from participating in it, including if you plan to incorporate any ideas into your instruction. Please also share your impressions of the course in general.

  • Never Work Harder Than Your Students – Online Book Club

    Date: Ongoing   Location: Online

    If it ever feels like teaching is just too much hard work, here’s a guide that helps you develop a more fluid way to respond to students and deliver great teaching experiences every time. Using a short set of basic principles and classroom examples that promote reflection, Author Robyn R. Jackson explains how to develop a master teacher mindset.

    Find out where you are on your own journey to becoming a master teacher, which steps you need to take to apply the principles of great teaching to your own practice, and how to advance to the next stage of your professional development. Lots of classroom tips, problem-solving advice, and tools to help you begin practicing the book’s principles in your classroom right away.

    • You can purchase the book and view sample chapters here: goo.gl/nMUBim. Also available at your favorite bookstore.  We may have a limited number of books for borrowing as well.
    • To access the course, visit the JetNet site located at http://jetnet.jccmi.edu/course/view.php?id=36874.
    • When prompted, input the code “never” and you can participate right away.

    Contact JCAdjunctSupport@jccmi.edu with any questions.

  • Sparking Student Curiosity and Inquiry

    Date: Ongoing   Location: Online

    How do you spark curiosity and inquiry in your students?

    Dr. Ramsey Musallam, a chemistry teacher in California, is known for his curiosity-driven approach to teaching and learning. He has given a couple talks that you can watch via the JetNet Faculty Lounge. From there, you can also react/reflect/respond to a list of guiding questions, or share your main takeaways in freeform.

    You can access the videos and online module at http://jetnet.jccmi.edu/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=465489.