Copyright Law


Plagiarism is becoming easier than ever, thanks to the wonderful resources of the online world. Below are some links for detecting plagiarism, most of which charge but a few still free.

Before paying, I suggest the following: If the voice of the writing or the level of sophistication of writing and thought suddenly more dramatically, the paper was probably bought or downloaded from the web. To check, use Google or another equally good web search engine.

1. Type the title of the paper and hit search.
2. Type a portion of the first sentence of the paper and hit search.

In both cases, most often you will have a hit. Make sure your syllabus addresses what will happen in this case, and please enforce it. In addition, please print the page, make copy of the student’s work, and send both to my office. You may believe that you are being merciful, without knowing that the student is plagiarizing in other classes as well.

Articles on reducing Plagiarism:

Software for detecting Plagiarism: