Faculty Professional Development Committee

Mission Statement:  The Faculty Professional Development Committee (FPDC) of Jackson College exists to facilitate learning opportunities for full-time faculty members that enhance the teaching and learning process.

Faculty Professional Development Forms & Guides

Committee Materials

Faculty Professional Development Committee Members

Steven Tuckey, Chair
Mathematics & Engineering
Suzanne Long, Treasurer
Sarah Ebersole
 Todd Butler
Dean, Arts & Sciences
Mona Baarson
Mathematics & Engineering
Chris DeMarco
Dave DeBaker
Foundation Studies
Ann Flint
Allied Health
Marina Martinez-Kratz
Chris Kazer
Brian Newberry
Instructional Designer
Kate Thirolf
Vice President for Instruction
Shirin Timms
Behavioral Sciences
Syd Thomas
Language, Literature, and Arts
Jolene Chapman
Dean, Technical Education
 Tonya Compton
Director, Innovative Instruction