Faculty Office Hours

Winter 2019

Last NameFirst NameDept.PhoneLocationMon.Tues.Wed.Thur.Fri.Notes
AgyDianaLanguage, Literature and Arts787.0800 ext 7006Maher Campus, Rm 11311-1pm CC9-9:30am, 1-1pm JNC9-9:30am, 1-1pm JNC 3-6pm JNC
Albee-ScottSteven10-12pm10-12pmBy appointment only
BaarsonMonaMath & Engineering796.8579JM 24610:30-11:30am11-12:30pm10:30-11:30am11-12:30pm
BadtkeMatthewSciences & HPF269.248.1439JM 136B2:30-4pm10:30-12:30pm10:30-12:30pm
BetzigRonBusiness and Technology768.7097Maher Campus, Rm 111Office hours by appointmentOffice hours by appointment1:30-4:30pmOffice hours by appointment
BickelDanLanguage, Literature and Arts990-1314BW 2419:15-11am 2-3pm5-7pm12:30-1:30pm 5:30-7pm1:50-3:10pmBy appointment only
BlankenspoorCurtis9:30-12:30pm LISD 5-6pm CC9:30-12:30pm LISD 5-6pm and 8-9pm CC
BoggsBonnie9:30-10:30am 4-5pm9:30-2:30pm additional hours by appointment
BradfordJanSciences & HPF796.8648JM 11011-12, 5-5:3010:30-11am11-12pmOnline onlyOnline onlyOther times by appointment
BrownErikMath & Engineering990.1391LEN 206
JM 150
10-11am, 12-1pm CC 2:30-3:30pm JNC10:30-11am, 12-1pm CC10-11am, 12-1pm CC 2:30-3:30pm JNC10-11am, 12-1pm CC 2:30-3:30pm JNC
Bullinger-BallowJulieNursing990.1372JW 2279-1pm8-9am and 12-2pm8-9am and 1-3pm9-3:30 by appointment9-3:30 by appointment
BurkhardJacklynBehavioral Sciences796.8506JM 1438:30-9am 10:30-3:30pm8:30-9am, 10:30-2:30pm
BurkheadEddieTechnical Trades796.8549JW 2378-10am and 1-2pm8-2pmOther times by appointment
ChoateLarryBusiness and Technology796.8657JW 23610-12pm10-12pm10-12pm10-12pm10-12pm
ClevelandAnthonyBehavioral Sciences265.5515 ext 2117LEN 11711:30-2:45 LISD3-4pm LISD11:30-3:45 LISD3-4pm LISD
DeBakerDaveLanguage, Literature and Arts796.8594BW 2548-9am BW254, 10:30-11am WA Library , 5-6pm Jackson Coffee Co 8-9:30am BW116, 11-11:30am WA 8-9am BW254, 10:30-11am WA Library 1-3pm BW2548-9am BW116, 11-11:30am WA Library
DeMarcoChrisSciences & HPF796.8583JM 211A
EnsleyAaronBusiness and Technology796-1460WA226B10-11JNC9-1am CC, 2:30-3 CC9-11am JNC11-1pm CC 2:30-3pm CC
FlanneryClarindaFoundation Studies796.8537BW 250Walk in hours 4-6Walk in hours 10-4Walk in hours 4-6other hours by appointment
FlintAnnAllied Health796.8684JW 2454-8pm11-5pmOther times by appointment
FonsecaAngelBusiness and Technology796.8512WA 226D9-2pm9-2pm
GamelAmy10:30-11am, and 6-6:30pm 8:30-9am, 11-11:30am, 1-1:30pm 10:30-11 am, 6-6:30pm8:30-9am, 11-11:30 am, 1-1:30pmOn-line office hours
GarciaCarlosBusiness and Technology796-8653WA226C
GeiersbachSteveAllied Health796.8494JW 236Office hours by appointment 10-5pmOffice hours by appointment 10-1pm10-1pm JW236
GemalskyBrian1-4pm LISD10:30-11:30am JM2491-4pm LISD10:30-11:30am JM249
HillDianneBusiness and Technology796.8546WA 226E
HoldaSarah3-6pm by appointment2-5pm by appointment8-8:30am, 1:30-4:30pm after 3/6/2019 7-9am, 12-1pm, 4-5:30pm JNC12:30-5pm onlineSat 8-3 on line thru email
HooperDavidBusiness and Technology990.1393BW 2401-2:30pm BW240, 6:15-7:15pm BW2401-4pm online/phone10:50-2:50 BW240, 6:10-8:10pm BW2401-4pm by appointment
HughesChristieBusiness and Technology796.8517WA 226C12-3pm WA226-D, 3-6pm WA22212-2:30pm12-2:30pm by appointment10-2:30pm by appointment
JacobsGeriLanguage, Literature and ArtsBW 24311-11:30 JNC, 2-6pm Central Campus8-11 central Campus8-11 Central campus
LacinskiPaul8-12 by appointment 1-9:30pm by appointment8-12 by appointment 1-9:30pm by appointment1-5:30pm8-12 by appointment 1-9:30pm by appointment
LairdKristiMath & Engineering796.8503JM 252
LawrencePatricia8-8:30am HLC118 12:45-1:15pm HLC1181:30-3pm JW2197:30-8:30am JW201 12-3pm JW2197:30-8:30am JW201 12-3pm JW219Other times by appointment
LongSuzanneBusiness and Technology796.8608Maher Campus, Rm 1128am-7pm Online only/phone apts. for ACC216.I1, ACC240.I1 and CIS121.I112-1pm, ACC232.01 1-3pm, 3-6pm WA222 (4-6 by apt).1-7pm Online only/phone apts for ACC216.I1, ACC240.I1, CIS121.I1 12-1pm, ACC232.01 1-3pm, 3-6pm WA222 (4-6 by apt).8-5pm online/phoneACC232.01 1-3pm, 3-6pm WA222 (4-6 by apt).
LoprestoDarlene1-3pm; 3:30-4:30 pm; after 3/4/2019 8-2pm3-5pm by appointment; 9-12 Hillsdale3-5pm by appointment8-12pm
MainSaraMath & Engineering796.8515JM 25310:30-11am JM253, 3-4pm JM253, 5-6pm Hillsdale 10-1pm Hillsdale 3-4pm Hillsdale10:30-11am JM25310-1pm Hillsdale 3-4pm Hillsdale
Martinez-KratzMarinaNursing796.8556JW 2272-6pm by appointment2-6pm by appointment12-5pm by appointmentOffice hours by appointment8:30-12pm by appiontment
MazurErin11-2pm; 4/1-5/4/19 9-11 or 12-1:30pm12-1:30pm12-12:45pm, 2:30-3:30pm 12-12:45pm, 2:30-3:30pm Office hours by appiontment
McGlynnMikeNursing796.8485JW 2238-8:30am; 12:30-2:30pm; 1/14-3/29/2019 2:30-5pm; 4/1-5/29/2019 7:30-8am8-8:30pm7:30-8:45am; 1/14-3/25/2019 5:30-7:30pm2-4:30pm; 4/4/2019-5/2/2019 2:30-6pm7:30-8:45am
McMillen-OakleyTomLanguage, Literature and Arts796.8577BW25912:30-2:30 The 2cd and 4th Monday of the month1:30-2:30pm1:30-2:30pmOffice hours by appiontment
MeceyChristyAgriculture990-1468JM 14412:30-1:30pm9-11am, 12:30-1:30pmOther times by appointment
MercerLindsayAllied Health796-8529JW2281-4pmBy appointment10-2pm HLC218 1/17-3/21/19 JW228 3/21-5/2/2019
MeyersRozanneOffice hours by appointmentOffice hours by appointmentOffice hours by appiontment
OttMarkSciences & HPF796.8574JM 234B
PayneXaniaSciences & HPF796.8486JM 210
PriceAllison1-4pm LISD10:30-11:30am JM2491-4pm LISD10:30-11:30am JM249
PruetteJennaScience & HPF796-8457JM114
PursellKrisLanguage, Literature and Arts796.8532BW 244Office hours by appointment12-5pm12-5pm by appointmentOffice hours by appointmentOffice hours by appiontment
RobertsFinchLanguage, Literature and Arts990.1343BW 242
RuttkofskyHeatherAllied Health796.8531JW 2289-1pm JW234Online by appointmentOnline by appointment
SalinasKimberlyAllied Health796.8535JW 226Office by appointment or anytime online (virtual office)Office by appointment or anytime online (virtual office)Office 10-1pm or anytime online (virtual office)Office by appointment or anytime online (virtual office)Office by appointment or anytime online (virtual office)
SeveranceGreg9:15-11am 12:50-1:30pm9:15-11am9:15-11am 12:50-1:30pm9:15-11am
ShackelfordJoeAllied Health796.8644JW 233
SpencerKristinAllied Health796.8463JW 23210-5 office hours by appointment or walk-in if available
ThomasSydLanguage, Literature and Arts796.852BW 259
TimmsShirinBehavioral Sciences796.8646JM 232B6-7:30am online only 12-3pm JM23212-5pm JM232 JNC by appointment6-7:30 onlineOnline appointments only6-7:30am online Office hours by appoitnment only
TuckeyAlanaMath & Engineering796.858JM 14611:30-1:30pm JM146 3:30-4:30 JM1461-2pm JM14611:30-1:30pm JM146 3:30-4:30 JM1461-2pm JM146
TuckeyStevenMath & Engineering796.8559JM 142
WalravenMichaelBehavioral Sciences796.8527JM 145
YoungStephenBusiness and Technology990.1454WA 226B10-11am, 1-4pm 10-11am, 1-4pm 10-12pm