American Honors Program

American Honors StudentsWe are pleased to offer the American Honors Program at Jackson College! American Honors is a selective, nationally recognized honors program for students who want to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Students accepted into American Honors enter into a tight-knit community that provides them with additional resources, knowledge, and support both inside and outside the classroom that help them to successfully transfer and thrive at a 4-year university.

As an American Honors Student, you will:

  1. Have a dedicated honors coach working with you one-on-one on course selection, academic success plans, and transfer planning
  2. Take small classes just with other honors students
  3. Engage in professional development and resume-building activities
  4. Be able to participate in Honors seminars and the Honors council
  5. Receive personalized transfer advising from start to finish

As an American Honors Student, you will be:

  • Aspiring to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • Beginning your first year of college or have earned fewer than 30 college credits
  • Motivated, determined, and persevering
  • Seeking extra guidance and one-on-one support
  • Looking to distinguish yourself and stand out in college

Top universities across the country encourage students to apply to their schools for transfer.

American Honors map

These schools know that American Honors program graduates are:

  • Academically prepared and ready to take on upper level coursework since they’ve already earned an associate’s degree with an honors distinction.
  • Leaders/community builders; they’ve likely participated in volunteer projects, honors council, mentorship programs or other American Honors activities outside the classroom.
  • Motivated to succeed – not only to earn their bachelor’s degree, but also to excel at careers they are passionate about. They’ve taken advantage of the professional development opportunities with American Honors.

How much does it cost to enroll in the American Honors program?

American Honors provides additional resources and opportunities to enhance the community college experience. Tuition and fees for American Honors is priced below the average 4-year university tuition, but above the community college tuition.

Contact Information

Mary Morrow
Senior Honors Advisor
Honors @ Jackson College – an affiliate of American Honors