Accounting Transfer Information

Michigan Transfer Network

The Michigan Transfer Network allows students, advisers, and the general public to view transfer course equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities. For transfer information on courses refer to the Michigan Transfer Network website frequently throughout your planning process

Transfer to a Local College

Special transfer degrees are available from JC to the following schools. Take all JC accounting courses through ACC 240 at JC, complete a JC associate degree and then transfer.

Siena Heights University

Franklin University

Spring Arbor University

Baker College

Transfer to a University

Transferring to a large public university is more challenging. Take only ACC 231 and ACC 232 at JC. As soon as possible, begin the admissions process to the university itself. Then, once admitted to the university, begin a 2nd admissions process to the business school within each university. Two admissions are required. Only ACC 231 and ACC 232 will transfer to these universities. All other ACC courses are to be taken within the university’s business school.

Michigan State University

Western Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University

Transfer to the University of Michigan

Note: The University of Michigan Ross School of Business is highly selective and competitive. Less than 1% of Ross students are transfer students. Note that no JC accounting or business courses transfer for full program credit. Currently, ACC 231 and ACC 232 transfer for general elective department credit only at U-M.