Visiting exhibit explores Afrofuturism in comics, with opening reception Thursday

December 1, 2022

With “Wakanda Forever” dominating the box office, Jackson College will host an exhibit exploring Afrofuturism in comics, “Beyond the Black Panther: Visions of Afrofuturism in American Comics.” The event kicks off Thursday, Dec. 8 with a reception and discussion from 6-8 p.m.

Afrofuturism draws inspiration from black history and culture while incorporating futuristic or science fiction themes. The Michigan State University Museum’s curator, Dr. Julian Chambliss, will introduce an exhibit on loan from MSU and answer questions from Jackson College students and guests. “Our guests will have the opportunity to read, discuss, ask questions, chat with each other, and engage with this fascinating topic,” said Professor Steven Tuckey, who coordinates the Concatenation Convention with Dr. Steven Albee-Scott. Con Con brings together science fact and fiction. This year’s convention focuses on Afrofuturism as an inspiration for art and culture.

“Afrofuturism is really a way to change the way we think about the past, present and (most importantly) the future of people of African heritage throughout the world, and a wonderful way to imagine positive and empowering narratives that we can all champion and enjoy. With the success of the most recent Marvel movie, this exhibit can help us all dig a bit deeper and go beyond ‘Black Panther’ to explore the role that comics play in our world.”

College and community members are invited to learn more at the opening reception, which will be held in the William Atkinson Library on Central Campus. Enjoy light refreshments while learning more about this important topic from 6-8 p.m. Dec. 8. The exhibit will continue in the Atkinson Library through March 2023.  (Visitors resource page)

About Con Con

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