Elizabeth Hoppe

Class of 1984

  • A 1982 graduate of Northwest High School, she received a presidential scholarship to attend Jackson College for two years. She graduated with her associate degree in 1984.
  • Hoppe was a third generation student at Jackson College. Her grandmother earned her licensed practical nurse certificate, her father attended, and her brother also attended. Jackson College allowed her to get a great start on her educational trajectory, helping to develop study skills, develop and mature in a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • She continued her studies at Ferris State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree and doctor of optometry degree. She completed her residency through the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, and then completed her master’s degree in public health at Yale University, and later her doctorate degree in public health from the University of Michigan.
  • Hoppe began her career as an optometrist in New Haven, Conn. With the Community Health Care Plan, then went to the Southern California College of Optometry and then the New England Eye Institute.
  • Helping future optometrists and clinicians, she has held a variety of teaching positions at colleges since 1988. She has participated in the education of nearly 3,000 eye doctors throughout her career as an educator and administrator; “I know that the impact continues for their families and for their patients, and ultimately the visual well-being and ocular health of our country!”
  • She currently serves as the Founding Dean of the College of Optometry at Western University of Health Sciences, where she has served since 2007. “WesternU” is a private graduate health professions university with nine colleges and 21 degree programs.
  • In addition to teaching, she has served on multiple committees and task forces. She has also written many papers and given numerous presentations relating to the field of optometry and health.
  • In 2014, she received a Certificate of Appreciation from the American Optometric Association as a 25-Year Member. Hoppe has received dozens of honors and recognitions over the years.
  • Hoppe was a contestant on “Jeopardy!” in 1998.
  • She is married to Jack Barton, and they have a son, Ross Barton, a college freshman this year.

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