George Brown

  • Currently a member of the City of Jackson Human Relations Commission, a trained mediator for the Southeastern Michigan Dispute Resolution Center, a freelance writer and a mentor for local youth.
  • Dedicated all of 2007 to work as an AmeriCorp VISTA volunteer with The League, a national school-based service learning organization where he planned and implemented service projects and fund raisers with local students to benefit the community.
  • Was the City Hall reporter for the Jackson Citizen Patriot and played an integral part in the newspaper’s 2002 project that chronicled African American history in Jackson and race relations throughout the city’s history.
  • Enjoyed almost 10 years as an on-air radio personality at radio outlets from Michigan to Colorado.
  • Attended Jackson Community College for two years and one year at Grand Valley State University where he majored in Journalism and Psychology and has earned certifications from the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and the Southeastern Dispute Resolution Center among others. He has enjoyed a plethora of careers in music, retail sales, engineering, golf and travel.
  • Known as “the guy who can get things done,” George is dedicated to serving his community and to helping improve the lives of others.
  • Married to Libby Brown for 30 years and has one son, Brian R. Geening, and two dogs, Skeeter and Snoopy.

“Information is a precious tool, oftentimes more valuable than currency and at other times more far-reaching than influence. Mine it in these allowed hallways and absorb it like a sponge from its distinguished messengers, and I promise you genuine growth and prosperity as a human being.”