Leland Bassett

  • Leland K. Bassett’s Jackson roots go as deep as his love for his hometown. The fourth generation of a pioneer log cabin farm family, Bassett graduated from Jackson High School and attended JCC on his way to Michigan State University.
  • Bassett has pioneered the application of communication psychology [human communication sciences] and strategic planning to public relations, corporate communication and integrated strategic communication management for more than three decades.
  • Bassett introduced the nation’s first corporate Strategic Communication Management Department in the 1970s, designed and taught the nation’s first graduate strategic communication management curriculum [at MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences] in the 1980s and co-founded the nation’s first commercial communication arts and sciences-based professional services firm in 1986, Detroit-based Bassett & Bassett, Incorporated, Communication Managers and Counselors, where he serves as Chairman & CEO.
  • Believing in generational responsibility, he is active in programs that nurture future generations. Leland and Tina Bassett established the JCC Vera Bassett Nursing Scholarship in honor of his mother, who was instrumental in the establishment of the JCC nursing program, and graduated nearly 800 nursing candidates. He was a founding member of the MSU CCAS Alumni Association, a past president, and recipient of its Outstanding Alumni Award.
  • He is past chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts in Detroit, where the Tina and Leland Bassett Lounge is named in their honor; and co-founder and general co-chair of the Music Hall Producers, its major individual donor group. He is also a founding co-chair of the Detroit Institute of Arts Associates, a major individual donor group.
  • Bassett maintains a family-gathering summer home on a Jackson County lake. He has been married to his “partner-in-everything” Tina for nearly 40 years, with two sons and a 5 year-old grandson. He is an active teacher, lecturer and mentor.

Leland’s Mantra
“Education is the foundation of civilization, and the essential ladder to the improvement of the human condition. JCC is the perfect opportunity for each of us to discover what we can do for ourselves, give to our community and leave for generations yet to come; a responsibility in which we all share.”