Leonard Griehs

JCC is proud to call Len Griehs an alumnus. A Jackson High School graduate, Len received his Associate in Arts from JCC in 1967 and went on to receive his bachelors in business education from Eastern Michigan University. After a brief teaching career in Jackson, Len left to join Gerber Products Company as an auditor and later moved into corporate finance as Manager of Investor Relations and Pension Fund Investments. In 1990, Len was recruited to join Campbell Soup Company where he was promoted to Vice President in 1966.

Len is a member of the Senior Financial Leadership Team where he advises the company on equity markets and directs the company’s strategy on investor issues. In addition, he manages Campbell’s relationships and communication with investors and their listed stock exchanges. In 2003, Len was one of four people in the company to receive Campbell’s Influence with Honor leadership award, which is presented annually by the CEO. In addition, Len chairs and serves on numerous professional boards. In 2006, he was the recipient of Investor Relations Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

One might ask, what was Len’s life like when he attended JCC that prepared him so well for this successful, professional career? Len worked at the local Burger Chef to pay for his own tuition, and later delivered mail after school and during the summer for the Jackson Post Office. He and some of his classmates, Tom Resor and Dick Krieger, started the Omega Delta Phi fraternity. An early sign that he was “numbers-bound” is the fact that he was the treasurer for the sophomore class of ’67. For fun, Len played rhythm guitar in his band The Beach Resorts, and even cut a record. So his memories of JCC are wide-ranging and deep.

Len lives with his wife Gretchen and two sons in the greater Philadelphia area, and is a strong supporter of the Community College concept. He has shared his story with many young people in his community who attend a community college because they cannot afford a more prestigious school. “I challenge them and tell them that there is no need to relegate themselves to a secondary status because of that. We can, and do, stack up well against any Harvard or University of Chicago graduate in the marketplace.”

“I have traveled the globe in my career with two great Fortune 500 companies. I feel great that the values shaped in the Midwest have helped me to maintain a balance in my work and personal life.”