Thomas Draper

  • My parents, Howard and Helen Draper, were great role models. They were firm, supportive, showed great common sense, but most of all were very loving.
  • The most important decision in my life was marrying my wife, Jeanne. She has been a wonderful partner in so many ways.
  • My friends have been a very positive influence in my life and a lot of fun. My first sales position was at the Office Supply House owned by the Rumohr family. I was very shy and unsure of myself as a young college graduate, but they believed in me and gave me my start in a sales career. The strong foundation I built there enabled me to move on and become a stockbroker.
  • In the community, I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Country Club of Jackson, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church vestry, Dahlem Environmental Center, and the Ella Sharp Museum.

No is just the beginning. Persevere!