College associate degree nursing program to guarantee seats for career center students

October 14, 2021

Area career center students now have more opportunities for admission to Jackson College’s Associate of Applied Science in Nursing – Registered Nurse program!

The College recently approved a new pathway of entry for students who have completed a two-year healthcare program through area career centers. The nursing program will guarantee 10 seats per admission cohort to eligible students. Students will be eligible to apply for admission to the associate in the nursing program, bypassing the usual point system, if admission criteria are met with the application for the fall 2022 cohort.

“Many of our nursing faculty sit on advisory boards of the area careers centers, and the healthcare students do amazing things in their programs, so we want to give credit for the skills and knowledge they develop in their programs and give them an incentive to come to Jackson College,” said Associate Professor Erin Mazur, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, department chair for nursing at Jackson College.

The College has the capacity to admit 54 students to the AAS-N program in the fall and spring terms. Enrollment has not reached capacity in recent years, so faculty are hoping to boost applications. Nurses are in demand today, as the long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic has strained nurses and healthcare systems.

“Now is the time to create this new pathway. I reached out to the career center faculty this summer to gather data, and it reinforced all the amazing things these career center students learn,” Mazur said.

Nursing is a second-admit program at Jackson College, meaning students take several prerequisites and general studies courses and then apply for admission to the nursing program. Applications will be due May 31, 2022. Students should meet minimum prerequisite course requirements, achieve 57 percent or higher on the Kaplan Entrance Exam in two attempts prior to applying, and be sure to indicate on their application and with their navigator that they have completed a career center two-year healthcare program.

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