What is anthropology?

In simple terms, anthropology is the study of human behavior in all times and all places. Unlike many of the other social sciences, one of the primary goals of anthropology is to undertake a cross-cultural comparison of human culture. This includes both western and non-western cultures, their values, and their cultural practices. Likewise anthropology adopts a holistic view of culture, meaning it looks at all aspects of human culture instead of one particular area. Holism means that anthropology is interested in everything from day to day economic decisions, family patterns, political organization, and more abstract concepts such as ideology and world views.


ANT 131 Cultural Anthropology (3 CR)

Cultural anthropology is a one-semester introductory course. The course focuses on the thesis that every society is based on an integrated culture, which satisfies human needs and facilitates survival. The course also explores the ways in which our own culture fits into the broad range of human possibilities.

Prerequisite: ENG 085*