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Believe it or not, we are immersed in politics and impacted by political decisions every day. That said, most people think political science/American Government is a bland and down right boring subject. The reality, however, is that American politics is a rich subject that, among other things, asks us to question the following: What does it means to be an American? How does the Constitution relate to today’s world? Why do laws differ from state to state? Should the internet be regulated? Does the media involve itself too much in the personal lives of public figures? What is the difference between the Democrats and Republicans? What is going to happen to social security? What is the role of the United States in the international world? And finally, why should I care about politics?

Political Science Resources

Project Vote Smart
Enter your zip code and find out who your elected officials are.


PLS 141 American National Government (3 CR)

Develops a systematic framework for the interpretation of political activity in the United States. Numerous models explain the theoretical foundations of government and the decision-making process.

Prerequisites: ENG 085* and ENG 090*

PLS 262 International Relations (3 CR)

Survey contemporary world affairs and examine the nation-state system, the struggle for power, and factors creating harmony and hostility among states.

Prerequisites: ENG 085* and ENG 090*

* You may meet this prerequisite based on your course placement, ACT score or successful college coursework. Visit www.jccmi.edu for current assessment options and requirements.