Dr. Edward A. Mathein


Dr. Edward Mathein is the retired president of Mathein, Slete and Associates, DDS, PC, and practiced dentistry in Jackson for 50 years. He graduated from St. Mary’s High School, earned an Associate in Science from Jackson Community College, and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Detroit. He also attended the L.D. Pankey Dental Research Institute from 1986-1996. Dr. Mathein offers his services at the Center for Family Health Dental Clinic.

Active in his profession, Dr. Mathein was president of the Jackson District Dental Society in 1979-1980; Michigan Dental Association Ethics chair, 1986-1997; American Dental Association, 1967-Present; Chicago Dental Society, 1975-Present; Academy of General Dentistry 1971-Present; and was Jackson County United Way Dental Professionals chair from 1980-1981 and 2008-Present. In the community, he has served on the board of directors for the Jackson Jaycees; served as Jackson County/Michigan Heart Association fund-raising co-chair in 1996-1997; served as Starr Commonwealth Jackson Division Advisory Council chair in 1997- 1998; served on the Jackson County Intermediate School District Health Professions Advisory Council from 1978-2006; served as JCC Alumni Association board member 1983-1990 and president from 1989-1990; served as JCC Foundation board member from 1990-1997 and president from 1995-1997; Member of Jackson Host Lions Club since 1971 and held all office chairs, including President.

For his notable service contributions he has received the Ethelene Jones Crockett Distinguished Alumni Award from JCC, 1996; was nominated for Jackson Citizen of the Year, 1996; and received both the Jackson Host Lions Distinguished Service award for 2010-2011 and Lion of the Year award for the Central District in 2017.

Dr. Mathein has served as a Jackson College Trustee since 1998 and was Board Chair from 2008-2012. Additionally, he has represented JC on the Michigan Community College Association Board since 2008 and was the MCCA State Treasurer from 2008-2012.

He and his wife Jeanine have two married daughters; Ann Marie Benjamin (Robert) and Lori Anne Wetzel (Tony). They also have five grandchildren; four girls and a boy – Emily, Rachel, Anna, Sydney and Anthony.

Ed Mathein

Why did you decide to become a Jackson College Trustee?

A multifaceted answer needs to be shared with what is, in reality, a much more complicated question than it first appears. First my family is heavily involved in education, historically. Both grandmothers, my sister, my wife, both of my brother-in-laws and my youngest daughter are all teachers. I was raised learning the importance of education. My paternal grandmother was one of the first women to receive a specialty degree in teaching the hearing impaired from Eastern Normal College in 1905. My maternal grandmother taught in a one-room school house grades one thru eight. My sister started as an elementary teacher and eventually moved to the superintendence of Saline, Mich. for 12 years. So I came to it naturally. I started as a member of the alumni group at the behest of a long-time JC supporter and became president. Then I moved to the Foundation where I remained for seven years, two as president. I attended six months of board meetings before I decided to run for trustee. My goal was always to support and contribute to my alma mater. This school gave me such a solid background that I was accepted into dental school as the youngest in my class.

What do you enjoy most about serving as a Jackson College Trustee?

Contributing to the efforts from all of those dedicated to education; to give our community every opportunity to fulfill their dreams of a good and productive life.

From your perspective, in what ways do you see Jackson College serving the community?

Historically, the College has always been there as a second chance to succeed and to achieve successful transfer possibilities. But it’s much deeper than even that. Cultural amenities, job retraining, historical preservation, exposing our student to the wider world. Senior college faculty and administrators giving of themselves in civic engagement adds to the body of expertise available for leadership and council when needed.

How has your experience with Jackson College impacted your life?

As I have matured in the effort I believe I have widened my views as to what is possible, how we can help the downtrodden. I have learned how to better support those in our community suffering from multigenerational challenges. I have grown in empathy for those facing life challenges. I have improved my ability to work in concert with people with varied views and beliefs.

What is one message you would offer to Jackson College students and/or the community?

This is your chance to make a huge difference in your future and life. Grab it and run with it. Take advantage of all the support and services offered to make you as successful as you can be. BELIEVE!