Follett ACCESS

Follett ACCESS is a partnership between Jackson College and the Jackson College Bookstore. Follett ACCESS program takes the hassle out of course material buying because course material costs are covered as a fee you are charged when you register for classes. The charge is posted directly to your Jackson College bill and can be paid along with your college charges or using financial aid.

Follett ACCESS allows every enrolled student access to all required materials on day one. Once you have registered for your courses, your course list will be sent to the Jackson College Bookstore. The campus store gets everything ready for you and notifies you with instructions on how to get your books and materials.

The Benefits of Follett ACCESS

  • Having required course materials makes it easier to be more successful in class
  • Receive all course materials through a stress-free procurement experience
  • Easily access, manage and use digital course materials
  • Minimize the time spent searching for deals on course materials
  • Don’t worry about getting the wrong book or wrong edition

Will Follet Access save me money?

View the pdf below for instructions on how to estimate the cost of your books to determine if you will save money with Follett Access.

Estimate Cost of Books

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Fall 2020 Opt Out Dates

Opt out dates are determined by a student’s schedule and earliest start date:

Class Starts On  Opt Out Date
August 31, 2020 September 3, 2020
October 6, 2020 October 9, 2020
October 27, 2020 October 30, 2020
November 11, 2020 November 14, 2020

Opt out of Follett ACCESS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the benefit of participating in the program?

    The goal of this program is to improve your success in the classroom and overall here at Jackson College. This program helps all students start on day one with all the required materials needed to be successful.

    Studies show students who don’t have their required course materials on the first day of class may be at a disadvantage. We want all JC Jets playing on the same field, so we are offering this program to all students.

  • How do I know if my books are provided by Follett ACCESS?

    All students are part of this program starting Fall 2020.

    You will receive email from the Jackson College Bookstore when your materials are ready to be picked up in the bookstore OR if it is available in your digital bookshelf.

  • What will the charge look like on my Jackson College bill?

    A charge will appear on your Jackson College bill listed as Textbook Access Fee. You can pay through JetStream or allow it to be covered by your financial aid.

  • How much will I be charged?

    Students will be charged a $25 Textbook Access Fee for each Billing Contact Hour they are register for.

  • How do I get my course materials?

    Students will receive an email notification when their books are available for curbside pickup at the Central campus location only.  The Lenawee campus will not have bookstore services.  For students who cannot, or choose not to pick up their materials, you may contact the JC Bookstore at (517) 796-8440 or by email at to make shipping arrangements.

    Please note: There is a charge for shipping items.  Available financial aid can be used to pay shipping.

    Your instructor may select an e-book option for your course, information on how to access your e-book will be sent to your JC Email.

  • What happens if I drop a course?

    If you drop within the Add/Drop period, the Textbook Access Fee will be credited to your student account.  Digital book access will be removed and if you have received a physical book or textbook rental, it will need to be returned to the bookstore within one week of dropping to avoid being charged extra fees for non-return.

    If you drop after the Add/Drop period, the Textbook Access Fee will not be credited.  If you have a textbook rental, it will need to be returned to the bookstore within one week of dropping to avoid being charged the extra fees for non-return.

  • How do I opt out of Follett ACCESS?

    Students will be able to opt out of Follett ACCESS 30 days before the semester begins.  Students will receive an email with opt out instructions.  Those students who opt out will have the Textbook Access Fee credited to their student account after the Add/Drop date for each semester.  NoteFailure to pick up materials from the bookstore will not automatically be opt you out of the program.

    Reminder – your opt out selection is for your entire semester schedule.  You cannot opt out and opt in to individual courses.  You must opt out of Follett ACCESS each semester.

    Opt out of Follett ACCESS
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about Follett ACCESS?

    If you have questions regarding Follett ACCESS, you may contact the JC Bookstore at 517.796.8440 or by email at

  • If my professor has recommended course materials, will those be included in the program?

    Only materials identified by your professor or campus as “required” are included as part of the program. All “recommended” materials will be available for purchase at the campus store and online at

  • What do I do after finals?

    All rented materials must be returned to the campus store when the term ends. Students must return the rented materials within 1 week of the end of the term or their collateral will be charged.

  • I like keeping my books at the end of term; can I do that with this program?

    After the term is complete, rented textbooks must be returned to the campus store. However, you can choose to keep the book by paying an additional fee at the campus store checkout.

  • When does the Follett portal open for account creation and collateral?

    The Follett portal opens 30 days prior to the term start date.