Campus View Cottages

To better serve Jackson College’s diverse student population better, administrators are exploring the possibility of bringing cottages to Central Campus!

The College has offered on-campus, single-person housing since 2007 when the first Campus View (CV) facility opened. Today there are three CV housing units, two apartment-style (i.e., fully equipped with appliances and furniture) and one dorm-style (i.e., furniture only). However, these serve full-time, single students on campus. Students who are non-traditional (i.e., beyond 24 years of age), young couples, senior citizens, or single parents with a child, currently do not have the opportunity to live on campus. President Daniel Phelan hopes to change that.

“To advance our work in a Total Commitment to Student Success, TCS2, and to serve the unique, whole student, we realized that there are some student populations we’re just not serving. Adding cottages to our housing stock will provide more flexibility, opportunity and appeal to unserved students. In light of the current and emerging needs of both our current and potential future students, we need to consider new ways of serving,” Phelan said.

A small village of Campus View Cottages (CV4), possibly five units, is tentatively set for this fall if all the necessary infrastructure work comes together. It would be located on the southeast side of campus, in an area the Jets Hangar, Childcare Center and Victor Cuiss Fieldhouse.

Plans are still in the works at this time. For more information, call Student Housing at 517.990.1337.

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