Securing a Clinical Site

If a student is unable to accept a local clinical placement in Michigan or Indiana and would like to try to secure a clinical site in their geographical location, the student will need to find a hospital or ultrasound lab who is interested in hosting them as a student.  It should also be noted that all students regardless of their geographical location may be required to attend a pre-clinical lab at central campus in Jackson, Michigan. Any student unable to attend the scanning lab course on JC’s central campus due to geographical travel restrictions may be eligible to complete the course through online delivery method in their geographical location. It should be noted that this is rare and most clinical sites do not agree to accept this responsibility. The following circumstances will be considered to determine eligibility of hybrid delivery method:

  1. Clinical site location
  2. Program Director approval
  3. Clinical site (affiliate) approval.

The following conditions must be met once eligibility status has been approved:

A clinical site willing to sponsor the student must meet the minimum requirements of a clinical affiliate listed below:

  1. A current affiliation agreement
  2. Completed, submitted and approved CC and CV forms.
  3. Appropriate credentialed sonographers willing to facilitate the course requirements.
  4. The sponsoring clinical site must be willing to work with student to complete the lab course competencies for the course.
  5. A cleared background check, drug screen and health physical form including immunization forms must be updated in the Allied Health Office one month prior to the start of the course.

We recommend that if you live within a 2 hour driving radius of another CAAHEP accredited program, you should apply to that program. Obtaining a clinical site for you to perform your clinical may be challenging, if not impossible, if you live close to another sonography school. To get a better idea of the likelihood of us getting a hospital in your area, please find accredited programs near you at

An appropriate educational facility will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. There is an ARDMS (RDCS) or CCI (RCS) credentialed cardiac sonographer on staff that is willing to serve as the student’s clinical instructor.  This individual should have previous experience in training sonographers and/or students.
  2. The echo department performs a minimum of 1,000 adult echocardiograms per year. There is a dedicated echo or cardiovascular department for adult echocardiography procedures.
  3. TEE and stress echo are performed in the facility.
  4. We prefer that the facility can provide a variety of patient care settings in which sonographic procedures are performed on in-patients and outpatients. These settings may include the following: ambulatory care facilities, specialty centers, emergency/trauma, intensive/critical/coronary care, surgery, angiography/cardiac catheterization.  Please note that the facility does not need to be all inclusive in the above.

Any potential student can contact me to see if we have an affiliated clinical site in their geographical area.  I encourage the student to contact the department supervisor or lead sonographer.  If the facility shows interest in hosting the student, I am happy to reach out and provide additional information on the clinical externship.

Do not wait! This process can take several months. The deadline for students to submit the clinical forms is August 15th.

If you have a hospital or ultrasound lab who is interested in hosting you as a student for one of Jackson College’s Sonography Programs you will need to:

Ask the Supervisor or Manager of the ultrasound lab to complete the following two forms and submit them to the Allied Health secure documents portal.

The deadline for submission of these documents to the Allied Health Office:

  • Cardiac Sonography – August 15
  • General Sonography – January 31
  • Vascular Sonography – March 1

Once the Characteristics of Clinical Education Center and the Summary Curriculum Vitae Form are filled out and received by the Allied Health Office, they will be reviewed to determine if this facility meets the standards for the Jackson College’s accredited sonography program. If the standards are met then:

  • Jackson College will contact the Supervisor or Manager of the ultrasound lab to learn if they are willing to commit to hosting a JC student for a sonography program.
  • This facility will be asked to enter into an Education Agreement with Jackson College. (This process is handled by the Allied Health Office and Jackson College’s Legal Affairs Office).

Please download the DMS Advising Fact Sheet, print a copy, sign the last page, and return it to Student Services.

Due to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), at this time we cannot offer online courses and/or clinical externships in the following states:  California.  If you can only attend a clinical externship (a requirement of all DMS programs) in the states listed above, and you are unable to relocate to a participating SARA state, you will be unable to complete a degree in any of our DMS program offerings. If you are willing to relocate to a SARA member state, please contact the Allied Health office at 517.768.7007.