Online Tutoring

Tutoring options that better fit student’s time and schedule is now available! An online tutoring service will better serve the needs of students who may have questions or need help with their classes.

Using software from Big Blue Button, students may schedule a meeting with online tutors, who will have virtual classrooms and work with students. Tutors may offer help with homework and study support. Multiple students can be involved in a group study session.

Available courses for online tutoring

To get started, find the class you would like tutoring for and schedule a meeting online.

CourseTutorView Schedule
ANT 131Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
ANT 131Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
BIO 110Austin WarrenAustin Warren Schedule
BIO 220Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
BIO 253Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
BIO 253Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
BIO 254Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
BIO 254Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
CEM 131Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
CEM 131Austin WarrenAustin Warren Schedule
CEM 131Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
CEM 141Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
CEM 141Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
CEM 141Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
CEM 141Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
CEM 142Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
CIS 165Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
COM 231Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
GEL 109Hunter BostickHunter Bostick Schedule
HOC 150Ariel MaturineAriel Maturine Schedule
MAT 033Ariel MaturineAriel Maturine Schedule
MAT 033Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
MAT 039Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 039Hunter BostickHunter Bostick Schedule
MAT 039Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 039Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 039/131Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 039/131Austin WarrenAustin Warren Schedule
MAT 130Heather LeightonHeather Leighton Schedule
MAT 131Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 131Austin WarrenAustin Warren Schedule
MAT 131Hunter BostickHunter Bostick Schedule
MAT 131Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 131Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MAT 131Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MAT 131Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 133Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 133Ariel MaturineAriel Maturine Schedule
MAT 133Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
MAT 139Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 139Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 139Hunter BostickHunter Bostick Schedule
MAT 139Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 139Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MAT 139Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MAT 139Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 141Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 141Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 141Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 141Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 151Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 151Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 151Hunter BostickHunter Bostick Schedule
MAT 151Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 151Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 154Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 154Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 154Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 251Colin ZhengColin Zheng Schedule
MAT 251Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 251Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MAT 254Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
MAT 254Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
MOA 112Ariel MaturineAriel Maturine Schedule
MOA 112Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
MOA 120Ariel MaturineAriel Maturine Schedule
MOA 120Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MOA 120Madison WoodsMadison Woods Schedule
MUS 131Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
MUS 151Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
NSC 131Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
PHL 236Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
PHY 251Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
PHY 252Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
PLS 141Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
PSY 140Julissa TorresJulissa Torres Schedule
PSY 140Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule
PSY 140Michael StrongMichael Strong Schedule
PSY 252Maxwell AndrewsMaxwell Andrew Schedule