Online Tutoring

Tutoring options that better fit student’s time and schedule is now available! An online tutoring service will better serve the needs of students who may have questions or need help with their classes.

Using software from Big Blue Button, students may schedule a meeting with online tutors, who will have virtual classrooms and work with students. Tutors may offer help with homework and study support. Multiple students can be involved in a group study session.

Available courses for online tutoring

To get started, find the class you would like tutoring for and schedule a meeting online.

If there is not a schedule posted yet, please contact the Center for Student Success at 517.796.8415 to connect with a tutor.

CourseTutorView Schedule
ACC 216Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
BIO 110Taylor HudsonTaylor Hudson Schedule
BIO 132Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
BIO 132Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
BIO 132Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
BIO 140Randy RyeRandy Rye Schedule
BIO 220Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
BIO 253Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
BIO 253April TruittApril Truitt Schedule
BIO 253Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
BIO 254Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
CEM 131Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
CEM 141Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
CIS 101Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
CIS 101Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
COM 240Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
CRJ 111Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
CRJ 112Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
ECN 232Justin LiuJustin Liu Schedule
ECN 232Randy RyeRandy Rye Schedule
EMS 122April TruittApril Truitt Schedule
EMS 1220April TruittApril Truitt Schedule
EMS 1221April TruittApril Truitt Schedule
HIS 211Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
HIS 211Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
HIS 232Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
HOC 110Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
HOC 130Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
HOC 145Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
HUM 131Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
MAT 033Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
MAT 039Jeni Pratt Jeni Pratt Schedule
MAT 130Megan EdwardsMegan Edwards Schedule
MAT 130Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
MAT 131Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 131Jeni Pratt Jeni Pratt Schedule
MAT 131Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
MAT 131Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 131Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
MAT 133Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 133Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
MAT 133April TruittApril Truitt Schedule
MAT 133Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
MAT 139Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 139Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
MAT 139Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 141Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
MAT 141Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 151Abigail FrewAbigail Frew Schedule
MAT 151Ciera Stevick Ciera Stevick Schedule
MAT 151Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
MAT 151Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 154Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
MAT 154Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 251Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MAT 254Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
MOA 120Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
MUS 131Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
NRS 145Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
NSC 131Angelique TaskerAngelique Tasker Schedule
NSC 131Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
NSC 131Taylor HudsonTaylor Hudson Schedule
PHY 131Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
PHY 232Stephen FosterStephen Foster Schedule
PHY 251Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
PHY 252Sam CampauSam Campau Schedule
PSY 140Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
PSY 140Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
PSY 251Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
PSY 251Taylor HudsonTaylor Hudson Schedule
PSY 290Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule
RES 100Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
RES 101Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
RES 104Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
RES 110Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
RES 114Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
RES 115Kaitlin BowersoxKaitlin Bowersox Schedule
SOC 231Sydney Davis Sydney Davis Schedule