Writing Center

Writing assistance is available in the Center for Student Success. The center is staffed with trained professionals, with knowledge and experience in written communication. When faculty are not available, students will be referred to the Writing Fellows, who meet with students in William Atkinson Hall breakout rooms.

What you can expect:

  • Active involvement in answering questions covering all parts of the writing process.
  • Reading your paper out loud to catch mistakes.
  • Working with CSS professionals on activities such as prewriting, outlining and organizing ideas.
  • Providing primary faculty/instructor’s materials for the assignment that you are working on. This assures you are guided toward the primary requirements as outlined by your instructor.
  • Advance preparation by visiting CSS with enough time to work with a CSS instructor prior to your due date.

Please understand:

  • Our professionals cannot correct your work. Instead, we teach proofreading strategies.
  • We cannot predict grades or the success of an assignment.
  • We cannot rewrite or retype student papers. Instructors are assured that a paper is not co-authored by a consultant.
  • While we counsel on plagiarism and proper citations, we do not accept responsibility if a paper is submitted with plagiarized text.


We assist students in understanding what they read in textbooks, articles and homework assignments. We aim to teach strategies to increase read comprehension.


We offer ideas for taking notes, preparing for tests, and tips on organizing study time.


Every student has a different approach to learning, and there are methods to accommodate these approaches. We will help you to identify your preferred learning style and provide strategies best utilize.